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This website is a starting point for a journey of discovery about one of the most historically significant sites in West Lancashire.

From Iron age settlement to Roman invasion, Shakespearean theatre, Civil War siege and influence at the court of Queen Victoria, Lathom and its residents have been of enormous significance to the fabric of British history.



Established in September 2000, the Lathom Park Trust is a registered charity, consisting of professional Archaeologists and Historians, but principally, members of the local community, all with a desire to discover Lathom’s fascinating heritage.So let's explore Historic Lathom!

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England   Lancashire   Lathom
Map of the United Kingdom   Map of Lathom   Aerial photograph of Lathom Park
Ordnance Survey (c) Crown copyright 2006. All rights reserved. Licence number 100040748
The two maps above show Lathom's position in the West of England in the County of Lancashire near the historic town of Ormskirk. The aerial photograph reveals Lathom Park and its surrounds.  
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